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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Hania Barton

Hania Barton

Hania Claire Barton (Born February 19, 1988) might be best known as “Mischa Barton’s little sister,” but recently she is beginning to make a name for herself apart from her sister; however, it is not in a positive light. This minor actress and self-proclaimed aspiring rock star’s first big taste of tabloid publicity came in early 2007, when pictures taken of her on New Year’s Eve, captured not only her extremely dilated pupils vacantly looking into the camera, but also Barton sticking her tongue out to reveal what appears to be crushed-up pills in her mouth (what kind is anyone’s guess). Shortly after these pictures were released, it was announced to the press that Barton would be entering rehab for prescription pain-killer addiction at the urging of her mother.

Early Life

Barton was born in New York City after both of her parents immigrated to the United States. Her father, Paul Marsden Barton, is English, and her mother, Nuala Quinn, is Irish. She has two older sisters, Zoe Barton, a London Barrister, and Mischa Barton, a successful film and television actress and model. After attending the prestigious Bronx High School of Science for a short time, she moved out to Los Angeles when she was 17; she still currently lives in Los Angeles.

Early Career

Barton has done some limited acting work: barely 10-year old, she had a bit part in the television series, “The American Experience,” in 1998, and in the independent movie, Paranoid in 2000, which also featured her sister, Mischa Barton.

However, she has mentioned that she actually has aspirations of being a rockstar: "I'm really into music and the rocker look... I think Gwen Stefani has pretty cool style, and I listen to The Rolling Stones, Modest Mouse, Stellastar and Bob Dylan. I've even started writing some of my own lyrics. I want to be a rock star!"

Personal Life and Media Attention

Though her sister, Mischa Barton, has been a tabloid media darling since she first got America’s attention on the Fox melodrama, “The OC,” Hania Barton has managed, pretty successfully, to stay off the glossy pages of the gossip magazines. Though it has been rumored that Barton takes full advantage of her status as a celebrity sibling, partying in the Hollywood hotspots with the celebrities, and socialites, there was never any photographic proof to base these assumptions. However, that all changed when a few pictures were taken of Barton on New Year’s Eve 2007, which surfaced on the internet in mid-February 2007. The pictures show Barton with extremely dilated pupils (which can be a known side-effect of the street drug, ecstasy) and white crushed up pills on her tongue as she opens her mouth for the camera.

After these pictures were released, Barton was admitted to a rehab facility for apparent pain-killer addiction on the insistence of her mother. Apparently, her family had grown more and more displeased with Bartone’s attitude in the last few months as well, and her mother recommended something drastic and lasting be done.

A representative from the Barton family said, “Everyone is hoping that this will be the first and last time Hania has to be in rehab,… she’s young, but she’s a smart girl, she will be fine."


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